A Brilliant Do-Over

A brilliant flash of blue passed before my eyes today. Followed by starlit yellow buds and brazen purple blooms. These colors leapt from all directions as Spring’s renewal begins and I started my run. The morning chill lingered past nine this morning, staving off the hovering warmth of the sun, a last-minute stance against the pending heat brought on with this emergence of Spring. I rallied with the chill, picking up my pace, fully aware of the upcoming coup d’etat of summer and the drudgery of running in the Houston humidity. But, for now, Spring is in it’s unfailing bloom, a reminder of how thankful I am for the renewal potential of ‘Do Overs’.


Where would we be without Do-overs? For me, in their simplest form, today is a do-over of yesterday’s failed attempt at a run where I was sabotaged by business calls. Yes, I answered them while out on a run. Breaking my first and foremost rule of my “Do not Disturb” methodology of running: This is my time, my space, my solace, my renewal. Just like Spring’s task of breathing new life into the faded backdrop of winter, my running was my method of resuscitating my mind. After the second call, I decided to simply  turn around and walk home 30 seconds into the business call, knowing this run was going nowhere.

Trying the run again, today, I revel in this vivid show of the emergence of spring. The bouquet of the orchestrated scents of honeysuckle and Carolina Jasmine, mingling with the high-pitched chirping of birds carried along with the bass of the background rumble of a barking dog, all exclaiming their exuberance for this beautiful ‘Do-over’ time of year.

Today I’m thankful for this Do-Over and it’s reminder that, in a broader sense, we must learn to master the art of getting back up and being resilient. I can’t tell you the number of times where I’ve fouled up and have just wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, “DO OVER!” Followed by the implementation of a set of standard protocol where everyone and everything hits the Reset button.

Yes, today’s run is this simplest form of these Do-Overs, but let’s try to apply this to everyday living, of being human, of making mistakes. I flubbed up yesterday’s run, and the much needed tranquility and peace of mind that it brings with it. But today, I start anew, just like Spring’s bloom, and revel in the freshness of the day and the excitement of the unknown that a new start brings.

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